We believe that responsible consumerism involves knowing the faces behind the products. We have beautiful people in the RoyRak family and we would love to introduce you to them:

RoyRak Manager

Hello, my name is Nut. I grew up in the Klong Toey Slum and I have always seen problems around me like drugs, poverty, and many abused and abandoned women, children, and the elderly. I have always wanted to have a life that was different from that of my neighbors around me and so I took the opportunity to go to high school and university as well as work a part time job outside of the slum. After finishing university, I am now learning to use my experiences to help the community I grew up in. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the UNOH Foundation to help people in the Klong Toey slum to have a job, a stable income and improve their quality of life. As the Manager of RoyRak Creative I hope our initiative plays a small part in supporting this to happen. 

Shop and Sales Manager

P'Blah is one founders of the original jewellery making project that started over 10 years ago. She is the eldest of 16 children that all grew up in Klong Toey. From her childhood she was expected to help provide for her younger siblings by working in many difficult vocations. Pi Blah never felt she had significant control over the direction of her life, despite working very hard. Through this project she wants to give other young women from the community the chance for a better future, a future where each woman has the freedom to make their own life choices.

Elise Fletcher

Co-Manager and UNOH representative


Elise is British and moved to Klong Toey to work with Urban Neighbours of Hope in 2014. She lives with her family in the slum community and sees firsthand some of the injustices faced by her neighbours. She hopes that showcasing the creativity of RoyRak employees will help to counter stereotype and lack of opportunity. Jewellery making is relatively new to her but she finds it a joy to be learning alongside such a great team of people. Her Thai vocabulary is limited, except, rather ironically, when it comes to specialised jewellery making terms! 


Creative Team


Keaw was introduced to RoyRak by a good friend in the community who previously worked with us and moved on to a good job outside the slum. Kaew lives in a large family of hardworking and capable women. Despite health difficulties her mother is the main provider, waking before dawn each day to sell rice porridge outside their home. Since working with the team Kaew has been able to support her mother, siblings and her own two children resulting in more stability. She is a fast learner and it has been wonderful to see her growing more confident in her abilities and take on responsibility within the team.

Ba Ying
Creative Team


Ba Ying is the mother figure for our RoyRak team and she has more than 5 years experience in making jewellery. She is inspiring in her motivation to work hard to improve her family's quality of life. She also has a beautiful heart that wants to help train other women at the RoyRak Creative. She can often be found in the workshop, her own work put to one side, whilst she patiently walks through a difficult technique with a new recruit.


Creative Team 


June is 16 years old and the youngest in the RoyRak Creative team. She has struggled to attend school and had to look for work to support her mother from a very young age. Since she has come to work with RoyRak, she has had opportunities to learn many new life skills whilst becoming an accomplished jewellery worker. The other women at the RoyRak Creative are like a second family and have supported her through the adjustment of having a baby. We love to see her little boy in the workshop and ensure that June's hours can be flexible. 

Ba Biak

Material Sourcing and Purchaser

This woman brings fun wherever she goes and brightens up a long day in the workshop with her contagious laugh! Her role is to keep us supplied in beads which means knowing the bead markets of Bangkok like the back of her hand. As products come and go Ba Biak has her work cut out to source beads that match our designs as well as possible. She works miracles of bargaining and charms every shop-keeper in sight! 


Creative Team

P'Appen lost her job at the local squid processing factory when she took extended leave to nurse her mother through sickness. She approached us for work and has proved to be exactly what the team was missing! Organised and pro-active, P'Appen is the first staff member to arrive in the mornings and she never misses a beat! We are so thankful for her motivational presence on our team and for her creativity in searching out new designs.

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