Live to Give - Subscription Boxes


Launching in 2020, the Live to Give box is a new subscription service where you will receive a monthly gift box with 2 premium items of RoyRak Jewellery and a gift bag.

Imagine the excitement getting this in the post each month!

Check out your 2 new items of jewellery and decide what to do - Keep one and give one away.

Or keep them both!

Or give them both away!

Let's spread the love of RoyRak further.

The subscription will be for 12 months, with one box arriving each month starting the month after you set up your subscription. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

You could even buy the subscription as a gift for a loved one! Enter their address into the 'delivery' address in PayPal, and send us an email with your recipient's name. We will email you a printable Subscription certificate.