About us

RoyRak means to 'bead love' in the Thai language and that's what this Creative is all about; bringing out the best in our community and sharing it with others


Welcome to the Roy Rak Creative!



The RoyRak Creative is a small group of women (and one man!) from the Klong Toey community who design and make jewellery to sell in Thailand and around the world. We launched in January 2015, building on the amazing 10-year legacy of Klong Toey Handicrafts. 'RoyRak' means to 'bead love' in the Thai language and that's what this Creative is all about; bringing out the best in our community and sharing it with others.



What Makes Us Unique:
The RoyRak Family


As managers of RoyRak, we want to see vulnerable members of our community released from poverty and given the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, experiencing the freedom that God always intended for them.


Our growing team receives Fair wages (approximately double the minimum wage for Thailand), paid holiday, comfortable workspace and the flexibility to fit working hours around childcare. The team access further training ranging from English lessons to jewellery techniques and coaching on issues such as debt. As our sales increase we hope to increase the benefits available to each of the women to include an educational savings plan for the children of the RoyRak family.

RoyRak is not just about employment. The creative offers a place for people from the community to belong, be known, heard, and valued for the unique skills and talent they bring to the team. We in the management team of RoyRak believe you can see this in the care that goes into making each of our unique products. It's true, RoyRak is about beautiful jewellery made by beautiful people.



RoyRak: Part of the UNOH Story


The RoyRak Creative continues to be supported by Urban Neighbours of Hope Thailand. UNOH is a Christian Missionary Order serving in areas facing issues of urban poverty in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Each UNOH worker commits to engage with neighbours in their struggles on many levels. UNOH's unwavering support of RoyRak is an expression of this commitment to the Klong Toey Community. Some other UNOH affiliated businesses in Khlong Toey include:

  - Second Chance             (Second Hand Store)

  - Cooking with Poo         (Thai Cooking Classes)

  - Up-Cycled Wares          (Crafts from Used Clothing)

  - I'm Tasty Catering        (Food for any event)

  - Fresh Foods Delivery    (Fresh Groceries)



RoyRak Loves Klong Toey


Life in the Klong Toey community can be very hard. It is the largest slum in Bangkok and houses over 100,000 people in a little over a 1km² area- concentrating many of the issues of urban poverty that plague most slum communities throughout the world. But these facts do little to convey the thriving, beauty and life that is also packed into this little community.

The RoyRak Creative is earnest in it's mission to express this side of our home as well, we want the face of Klong Toey to be as famous as the statistics. Each of our pieces of jewellery is named after one of our neighbours to draw you into the stories and lives of the people who make up the Klong Toey community. With each purchase you will have the chance to get to know one of Our Team a little better and understand that your support really does change lives, real people with real challenges but also with real hopes and dreams for a better future.



Join Our Extended Family


So why not become a part of the growing RoyRak family by selling, buying and advocating for the residents of Klong Toey? We are always looking for more volunteers to support sales of our jewellery throughout the world.


Contact Us if you would like to know more or interested in partnership.


A place for employees to belong, be known, heard, and valued

We want to see the women of our community released from poverty and given the opportunitiy to live their lives to the fullest

Beautiful jewellery made by beautiful people